Best Amusement and Water Parks in or near Portland

9 Amazing Amusement And Water Parks In Portland

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Kitsch, fun and a great way to escape the ordinary, I personally think amusement parks or water parks are a fantastic way to spend a day with the family. From water slides and tubing to scary rides and go-karts, here are my all-time favorites in or near the city just waiting to be explored…

1. Oaks Amusement Park

Oaks Park is an all-rounder, starting with the oldest standing amusement park in the country. Spread across more than 40 acres of land, the park features a wide selection of classic rides such as bumper cars and a roller coaster, a roller skating rink presenting live music, which is believed to be the largest in the country and is open throughout the year, miniature golf, carousel, mini-train and many other fun carnival games including ring toss, skee ball, etc. 

Luckily, there is no entrance fee, and you have to get tickets for all the rides except for some midway and arcade games since they are only cash. There are ample picnic spots all over the park and some snack corners offering hamburgers, cotton candy, ice cream, etc. Overall, it is a family-friendly area mainly targeted at young kids and I honestly think it’s one of the best. I’d highly recommend not missing the bumper cars! 

2. Glowing Greens PDX

Glowing Greens Portland

Glowing Greens is a miniature golf course in a basement with blacklight indoors; it has a mental trap escape game, wicked axe throwing, etc. It is a place to have so much fun and make memories for every age and different group size.

3. Sykart Indoor Racing

Sykart Indoor Racing Portland

Another gem for go-kart lovers. You can go all out at this amusement park that offers limitless adventure and the thrill of karting and riding on a rollercoaster. It’s a wild combination. 

4. Wings and Waves Waterpark (McMinnville)

Wings and Waves Waterpark (McMinnville)

A relatively new addition to the list of parks in Portland, Wings, and Waves has combined entertainment and science in a quirky way to give us a unique experience. The waterpark brings a wide range of water-filled activities consisting of a sonic boom, aqua play, youth slides, vortex pool, leisure pool, march 1, splashdown harbor, nose dive, and tailspin. 

Furthermore, another interesting aspect is the introduction of interactive exhibits by the park to teach kids about various science concepts such as velocity and buoyancy. Don’t wait any further, and head out this weekend to have a fun-filled day at the Wings and Waves Waterpark. 

5. K1 speed

K1 speed Portland

We know it would have been extremely unfair if we didn’t talk about go-karting. Without a doubt, go-karting is one of the most exciting and thrilling activities when it comes to indoor games.

And K1 speed allows you to experience it right in Portland. With a fast-paced electric go-kart and skillfully designed kart tracks, K1 speed offers much more. Whether you want to have a casual outing with your peers or have a professional business event planned, K1 has got you all covered with a cute little café tucked inside and a venue for all your planned events. 

6. North Clackamas Aquatic Park

North Clackamas Aquatic Park (Milwaukie)

Running for more than twenty years now, this small indoor water park is one of a kind in the area. Housing a total of six pools, including a lap pool, dive well, splashdown, kiddie pool, and wave pool, the aquatic park has many other attractions like a rock climbing wall, hot tub, and water slides.

Open throughout the year, it has always been very popular among visitors, so you can expect a fair gathering of people on any given day. 

Other amenities and facilities include a volleyball court, changing rooms, swimming lessons, aquatic fitness classes, and food corners ranging from pizza to sandwiches to salads. 

7. Splash! at Lively Park (Springfield)

Splash! at Lively Park (Springfield)

This is another little treat for those who love water parks. Splash! It is an indoor water park with pools of every size, and water slides are open to the public throughout the year. But the most exciting thing, seemingly more appealing to the older lot, is the variety of water fitness classes offered here.

You are working on your physique in the most fun way through aquatic workouts, including Aquatone, Deep Water Exercise, Ai-Chi, Hydrofit, and more. Apart from this, if you are not so keen on getting wet, you can always head towards the sun decks and community rooms and relax and soak in the sun. Moreover, these spaces can also be rented out if you have to have any private events organized here. 

8. Osborn Aquatic Center (Corvallis)

Osborn Aquatic Center (Corvallis)

I am saving the best for the last. Osborn Aquatic Center ticks all the right boxes. A retreat in itself, Corvallis is a haven for artists, foodies, outdoor enthusiasts, festival freaks, hikers, and bikers.

If you don’t trust me, go and see yourself! It offers you the chance to hit the pools and cool off on hot days, catering to kids, adults, and even dogs! Moreover, it is a welcoming site to exercise your diving skills. 

9. Rainier Amusements

Rainier Amusements

Rainier Amusement in the Pacific Northwest is one of a kind in entertainment. They are well-reputed for providing fun and entertaining games, exciting rides, and mouth-watering food at special discounts in about 30 events held in the Pacific Northwest.

They offer rides from large state fairs to small city festivals. Some of their exciting rides are Kamikaze, Loop O plane, and yo-yo. They are open on school days and non-school days.

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