Best Insta360 X3 accessories in 2023

Best Insta360 X3 accessories in 2023

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Get your Insta360 X3 mounted, protected and connected with these brilliant accessories.

The Insta360 X3 is one of our favourite 360 cameras, it’s great for capturing all sorts of things, whether it’s scenic tours of a historic building or action-packed snowboarding footage with an invisible selfie stick.

To get the most out of this amazing little camera, though, you’re going to need to invest in some quality accessories. These will allow you to mount your X3 in all kinds of unique places to capture creative and exciting shots.

In the guide, we’ll cover everything you need to get your X3 mounted and keep it protected in the process, let’s take a look at the options.

  • Insta360 114cm Selfie Stick square


    Insta360 114cm Selfie Stick

    This selfie stick is an absolute essential, in our view. Ours gets used so much that it’s almost permanently attached to the base of our X3. There are plenty of alternatives, of course, but we’d recommend sticking to the Insta360 branded models as they’re sure to remain invisible in use – plus they’re pretty cheap and very well made.

  • Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick square-1


    Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick

    The Extended Edition Selfie Stick is an amazing accessory that can simulate the look of a drone shot, thanks to its massive 3-metre length. It’s made from carbon fibre, which keeps it rigid and lightweight, despite its physical size. If you want to spice up your X3 footage, this selfie stick is a must-have.

  • Insta360 Motorcycle Accessory Bundle square


    Insta360 Motorcycle Accessory Bundle

    The Motorcycle Accessory bundle is designed primarily for motorcycles, but it’s so good that we use it for all sorts of things, even just around the house. The main part is a super heavy-duty clamp with dual ball-joint articulation. It’s strong enough that you can attach a selfie stick to the end of it and never worry about it coming loose.

  • Insta360 X3 Mic Adapter square


    Insta360 X3 Mic Adapter

    As amazing as the Insta360 X3 is, its microphones leave something to be desired but fear not, you can fix that with the Insta360 X3 Mic Adapter. This is cleverly designed to sit within the stitch lines of your recordings, so it won’t impact your footage, so long as you’re careful with your cables.

  • Cynova X3 Lens Guards and Screen Protector square


    Cynova Insta360 X3 Sticky Lens Guards and Screen Protector

    While the X3 has a reassuringly sturdy construction, its lenses are very exposed, and that means they could easily get scratched if you’re not careful. This set from Cynova offers lens protection on both sides as well as a tempered glass protector for the display, meaning that your X3 is ready for whatever life can throw at it.

  • Insta360 Monkey Tail Mount square


    Insta360 Monkey Tail Mount

    One of the most unique mounts available for the X3 is insta360’s Monkey Tail Mount. This is a flexible rod that can be wrapped around just about anything, the only limit is your creativity. Want to hang your camera from a tree branch? No problem. How about using it like a tripod? Just coil up the tail like a snake and you’re good to go.

  • Insta360 Suction Cup Mount square


    Insta360 Suction Cup Mount

    The Insta360 Suction Cup mount is designed in collaboration with Pgytech, a brand that’s well-known for producing top-notch action camera accessories. We reckon it’s the best solution for mounting the X3 inside of a car, the adhesion is exceptionally strong, and the dual-ball-head articulation makes it a breeze to frame your shots.

  • Insta360 GPS Action Remote square


    Insta360 GPS Action Remote

    If you like to add speedometer overlays and other data to your X3 videos, the GPS remote app is what you need. It’s possible to do this with only the Insta360 app, but the remote makes it so much more reliable. Plus, it’s much easier to operate in the heat of the moment, so you can start and stop recording and change settings with ease.

How we chose these Insta360 X3 accessories

The Insta360 X3 is our favourite 360 camera, and one of our favourite cameras in general, too. This means that it gets a lot of use, and in this use, we’ve experimented with almost every kind of mounting solution out there. We’ve learned which types of accessories get used and which ones sit in a drawer gathering dust, and we’ve only selected the best options to feature on this page.

It can be tempting to just grab a bundle of cheap no-name action camera mounts, but in our experience, these products just don’t last. And when you’re attaching a valuable camera like the X3 to them, you really want the peace of mind that it’s not going to fall off.

For that reason, we’ve stuck to trusted brands with good customer feedback, so you can rest assured that you’re getting some quality equipment.

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