Freelance Writing Types

Freelance Writing Types – 17 Options To Consider

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Freelance writing involves providing written content or services on a contractual basis to clients, covering diverse subjects, genres and formats.

And the world of freelance writing is a vast one, covering an almost infinite number of these subject matters and topics.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at 17 of the most common, to inform you of exactly what it entails and who it would be suitable for.

By the end, you will be not just in an educated position with knowledge of each, but have the insight to ascertain which may be suitable for you to consider with regards to your own writing.

1 – Content Writing 

Content writing involves creating engaging and informative written material for various platforms, such as websites, blogs and social media. 

Suitable for individuals with a flair for language and a passion for research, content writing caters to those who enjoy expressing ideas clearly. 

Ideal for writers who can adapt their style to different subjects, content writing offers a diverse range of opportunities, from crafting compelling articles to enhancing online presence through well crafted web content.

2 – Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of crafting persuasive and compelling text to promote products, services or ideas. 

Tailored for individuals with a knack for creativity and a strategic mindset, copywriting is suitable for those who enjoy using words to influence and motivate. 

It has great potential for writers with marketing insight as copywriting involves creating content that drives action, whether it’s attracting customers, boosting brand awareness, or increasing sales through impactful and strategic messaging.

3 – Technical Writing

Technical writing is the practice of conveying complex information in a clear and concise manner, typically for technical or specialized fields. 

It will suit individuals with a strong grasp of technical concepts, attention to detail and excellent communication skills. 

Technical writing caters to those who enjoy translating intricate ideas into accessible content, such as engineers, scientists, or anyone skilled in simplifying technical jargon.

It plays a crucial role in making complex information understandable to a wider audience.

4 – Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting involves writing content on behalf of someone else, where the ghostwriter’s name usually doesn’t appear on the final work. 

It is a good option for individuals who excel at capturing someone else’s voice, often working with busy professionals, celebrities, or experts who lack the time or writing skills. 

Ghostwriters need versatility, discretion, and the ability to adapt to different styles, making it an ideal avenue for skilled writers who enjoy collaborative projects and diverse subject matter.

5 – Creative Writing

Creative writing is the expression of thoughts and ideas through imaginative and original storytelling. 

It’s likely to be applicable for individuals with a passion for crafting narratives, exploring unique perspectives and playing with language. 

Creative writing appeals to those who enjoy inventing characters, building worlds and conveying emotions through prose or poetry. 

Aspiring authors, poets, and anyone with a love for storytelling find creative writing to be a fulfilling and expressive endeavor.

6 – Grant Writing

Grant writing involves preparing proposals to secure funding for projects or initiatives from organizations, foundations, or government agencies. 

It’s suitable for individuals with strong communication skills, attention to detail, and a passion for advancing social causes. 

Grant writers often work in nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, or as freelancers, contributing to securing essential resources for community development, research, and various programs.

7 – Social Media Content Creation

Social media content creation involves developing engaging and shareable content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

It’s common for those with a creative flair, a good understanding of social media trends, and strong communication skills to work in this area. 

Social media content creators often work for brands, influencers, or as freelancers, crafting posts, images, and videos that resonate with target audiences and enhance online visibility.

8 – Resume Writing

Resume writing is the art of creating compelling and professionally formatted resumes to help individuals secure job opportunities. 

A viable pathway for those with strong language and formatting skills, resume writers tailor documents to highlight an individual’s qualifications and experiences. 

They often work independently or for career services firms, assisting clients in presenting their skills effectively to potential employers.

9 – Academic Writing

Academic writing involves creating scholarly content, such as research papers, essays, and articles, often for educational purposes. 

Suited to those with a strong grasp of academic conventions, this type of writing is commonly undertaken by students, researchers, and educators. 

Academic writers must convey complex ideas coherently, adhere to citation styles, and contribute valuable insights to their respective fields. 

It requires precision and adherence to rigorous standards, making it suitable for those with a solid academic background.

10 – Email Copywriting

Email copywriting is the art of creating persuasive and engaging content for email marketing campaigns. 

Tailored to a specific audience, it aims to captivate readers and prompt desired actions, such as making a purchase or subscribing. 

Usually done by marketing professionals, business owners, or anyone involved in online communication, email copywriting demands a knack for storytelling, understanding target audiences, and employing persuasive language to drive conversions through email channels.

11 – Scriptwriting 

Scriptwriting involves creating written content for various visual mediums, including film, television, and theater. 

It has potential for creative storytellers, aspiring filmmakers, and those with a passion for visual storytelling, scriptwriting requires a keen understanding of narrative structure, dialogue, and character development. 

It’s a great pursuit for individuals interested in bringing stories to life through the collaborative and dynamic medium of film and other visual productions.

12 – White Paper Writing 

White paper writing involves the creation of authoritative documents that address complex issues, providing in depth insights, solutions, or recommendations. 

Done by people who are subject matter experts, researchers, or professionals in specific industries, white papers aim to inform and influence decision makers. 

This type of writing requires a deep understanding of the subject matter, analytical skills, and the ability to present information in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner.

13 – Travel Writing

Travel writing involves writing narratives about journeys, destinations and experiences, appealing to readers’ wanderlust. 

Great for adventurers, globetrotters, or those with a passion for storytelling, travel writing captures the essence of different cultures and places. 

Writers in this genre often have a keen eye for detail, descriptive skills, and a love for exploration, sharing their encounters in a way that transports readers to far flung destinations around the globe.

14 – Product Description Writing

Product description writing entails creating compelling and informative content about products, aiming to entice potential buyers. 

A viable avenue for marketers, e-commerce professionals, or freelance writers, this skill involves succinctly showcasing product features, benefits, and unique selling points.

Effective product description writers enhance consumer understanding and influence purchasing decisions through engaging, persuasive language.

15 – Business Plan Writing

Business plan writing involves creating comprehensive documents outlining a business’s goals, strategies, and financial projections. 

Suitable for entrepreneurs, business consultants, or professional writers, it requires a keen understanding of industry dynamics and financial forecasting. 

Business plan writers articulate a company’s vision, mission, and operational plans, crucial for attracting investors or guiding internal decision-making. 

Accurate, strategic, and well-written business plans contribute to the success and sustainability of enterprises.

16 – Review Writing

Review writing involves evaluating and expressing opinions about various products, services, or works, helping consumers make informed choices. 

Likely to suit  those with a critical eye, it caters to freelance writers, bloggers, and individuals passionate about sharing their insights. 

Review writers need to communicate clearly, providing valuable information and assessments that guide readers. 

This form of writing contributes to informed decision-making in diverse fields, including literature, technology, and consumer goods.

17 – SEO Writing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing focuses on creating content that aligns with search engine algorithms, improving online visibility. 

An excellent option for writers who grasp SEO principles, it suits digital marketers, content creators, and bloggers. 

SEO writers integrate relevant keywords seamlessly into content, enhancing its search engine ranking. 

This skill is crucial for online businesses, blogs, and websites aiming to attract organic traffic. 

Effective SEO writing demands staying updated on search engine trends and delivering valuable, readable content.

Which type of freelance writing appeals to you the most?

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