GoPro Hero 12 Black release date, specs and everything you need to know

GoPro Hero 12 Black release date, specs and everything you need to know

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Key Takeaways

  • The GoPro Hero 12 Black is expected to be released in September 2023, following GoPro’s reliable release schedule.
  • The design of the Hero 12 Black is anticipated to be similar to its predecessor, with a black rubberized housing and square-shaped removable lens protector.
  • There are conflicting reports about the specs and features of the Hero 12 Black, with rumours suggesting it could have a 1-inch sensor, edge-to-edge display, and 4K 240fps recording, or it could have similar specs to the Hero 11 Black with improved stabilization and longer battery life.

GoPro is the brand to beat when it comes to action cameras, and the rumours tell us that the next rugged flagship is coming up very soon.

We’ve recently seen the launch of the DJI Osmo Action 4, one of GoPro’s fiercest competitors, and it has us very excited to see what GoPro has in store for 2023. The Action 4 packed a large sensor for improved low-light shooting, and some rumours say we’ll be seeing an even larger sensor on the Hero 12 Black.

There are also rumours about extremely high frame rate recording, possibly the highest that we’ve seen on a consumer camera to date. Here’s everything we know so far about the Hero 12 Black.

GoPro Hero 11 Black Square


GoPro Hero 11 Black

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GoPro Hero 12 Black release date and price

GoPro has a pretty reliable release schedule, with its latest cameras usually launching in September of each year. The Hero 10 Black launched in September 2021, and the Hero 11 launched in September 2022, so we’re expecting a September release window for the Hero 12 Black, too.

As for the pricing, WinFuture reports that the new camera will be in line with its predecessor, retailing for around $475. GoPro recently ditched its subscription model pricing in favour of a reduced price across the lineup, so we’re not expecting any GoPro subscription requirements this time around.

GoPro Hero 12 Black design

There have been conflicting reports about the GoPro Hero 12 Black’s design, but both sides agree that the new camera will remain similar to the GoPro Hero 11 Black in both size and aesthetics.

GoPro Hero 12 Black Leaked Render (1)

WinFuture / @rquandt

This means that we’re expecting the typical black rubberised housing, with blue GoPro branding on the front and a square-shaped removable lens protector. It seems the fold-out mounting tabs will make an appearance, too, and GoPro won’t be looking to adopt a quick-release system like the Action 4 or Insta360 Go 3.

Leaked press renders show that the Hero 12 Black will have a new finish, with blue speckles across the rubbery parts of the chassis, which helps to differentiate it a bit more, but for the most part, it looks very similar.

The display size is where the rumours differ. WinFuture says we can expect a display similar to the Hero 10 and 11, whereas other reports, including supposed hands-on images, show a new edge-to-edge display on the rear of the camera.

As for who is right, it’s hard to say, but the leaked images look fairly convincing. This makes us wonder if GoPro will make a return to its tiered product strategy, introducing a flagship high-end model, a more affordable option, and maybe even a Hero 12 Mini, too.

GoPro Hero 12 Black specs and features

When it comes to specifications, again, we have conflicting reports. Essentially, we’re either getting a monster upgrade, with a 1-inch sensor, edge-to-edge display and up to 4K 240fps recording, or we’re getting the same sensor, screen size and resolution as the Hero 11 Black with improved stabilisation and about 9 minutes of extra battery life.

GoPro Hero 12 Black Leaked Render (2)

WinFuture / @rquandt

Some rumours have suggested that we’ll see 8K 60fps recording on the GoPro Hero 12, but we don’t think that’s too likely. It seems like a lot for the GoPro’s processor to handle without overheating, and we’re not sure it’s something that consumers realistically want, anyway.

As we mentioned in the last section, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll be seeing two cameras this year. Rumours of an edge-to-edge display have been floating around for months, and the leaked photos of a model proudly brandished with the words 1-inch sensor on the side back up this claim. The leaked press renders of a more subtle upgrade are also very convincing, so could both be correct? We sure hope so.

Introducing a model with a 1-inch sensor would be a logical next step for GoPro, Insta360 already has a 1-inch module available for the One RS, and the Osmo Action 4 has a 1/1.3-inch sensor, which is only marginally smaller. The Hero 11 Black’s 1/1.9-inch sensor is comparatively tiny, so we’d expect the brand to address this in some fashion.

GoPro Hero 12 Black Leaked Render (3)

WinFuture / @rquandt

The claims of 4K 240fps recording are a little harder to believe, it’s an extremely fast frame rate and it would beat out just about every consumer camera on the market today. That said, it’s been two whole years since GoPro achieved 4K 120fps recording, so it’s certainly not impossible.

GoPro Hero 12 Black rumours: What’s happened so far

August 19 2023: New leak suggests Hero 12 Black will only get a subtle upgrade

A report from WinFuture tells us that the Hero 12 Black might not be the massive upgrade we were hoping for. With only a new finish, longer battery life and improved stabilization to set it apart from its predecessor. There are some very convincing press renders included, too.

August 4 2023: GoPro Hero 12 leak points to some big hardware updates

Leaked hands-on images show that the Hero 12 proudly boasts about its 1-inch sensor, sports a much larger rear display and can record at 4K 240fps.

May 30 2023: GoPro Hero 12 spotted on certification website, likely to feature an edge-to-edge display

Twitter leaker TechieStreet spots the GoPro Hero 12 Black on the TDRA certification website. Says it will likely feature a new edge-to-edge main screen.

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