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GoPro’s Quik editing software arrives on macOS

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Key Takeaways

  • GoPro released a desktop version of Quik for Mac, allowing users to edit footage on a larger display and with a full keyboard.
  • Quik features streamline the video editing process for beginners and advanced creators alike, with features like beat sync and standard editing options.
  • New subscription tiers offer additional benefits like unlimited cloud storage and HyperSmooth Pro video stabilization.

GoPro has been teasing the release of Quik on desktop. Quik is the company’s video editing software designed to make the most of the footage captured by its action cameras. It’s already out on mobile, but GoPro has finally released a Mac version. The desktop version will allow GoPro users to edit their footage on a larger display and with a full keyboard, which could expand their creativity.

Additionally, GoPro announced a new tier of its subscription service and a new name for its existing one. As you might expect, the new plan will cost more than the original, but it comes with some handy new benefits that we’ll get to in this article.


GoPro Quik on Mac

The app is available on Mac to all GoPro subscribers and syncs with the mobile version. This means users can start editing their videos on their phones while they’re out and pick up where they left off on the Mac version when they get home. “Our new Quik desktop app syncs with our mobile app and cloud, making GoPro the ultimate content creation solution for beginners and advanced creators alike,” said GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman in a press release.

Quik’s features are designed to streamline the video editing process so even beginners can create professional-looking videos with features like beat sync that automatically matches edit points to the rhythm of the video’s soundtrack. It can be jarring when an amateur video editor throws cuts anywhere in the footage, and this feature will prevent that from happening. It also has plenty of standard video editing features for more experienced creators who want full creative control.


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What about Quik on Windows?

GoPro hasn’t forgotten about Quik on Windows, though the app isn’t available on the platform yet. Instead, the company says that version “will be available later this year.”

Considering it’s only February, that’s a wide range of potential release dates. Still, it appears that Windows users will just need to be patient and continue editing their footage on mobile device and other editing apps.

GoPro's Quik video editor


GoPro’s new subscription tiers

Originally, GoPro offered a $50 per year subscription for all of its Cloud features and access to Quik editing on mobile. That plan is staying, but it’s now called Premium, and it comes with unlimited cloud storage of GoPro footage, access to Quik, the ability to sync Quik across mobile and desktop, discounts on GoPro hardware, and more.

The new Premium+ plan, priced at $100 annually, offers a couple of extra features that might appeal to hardcore GoPro users. It includes everything the Premium plan does, plus a few extra features. Namely, it adds HyperSmooth Pro video stabilization and the ability to store up to 500GB of footage captured with non-GoPro cameras in the Cloud.


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