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Italian Sausage Pasta with Collard Greens – Kalyn’s Kitchen

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In this Italian Sausage Pasta with Collard Greens, collards are cooked with garlic and red pepper and tossed with browned sausage and pasta. And the updated version of this recipes uses a lot of sausage and collard greens with only one cup of dry Fiber Gourmet Light Elbows pasta, so it’s a lot lower in carbs than you might think!

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The past few years I’ve noticed collard greens are growing in popularity and I’ve started seeing recipes for them used in interesting ways, such as massaged raw collards in a salad. But even though collard greens might now be somewhat trendy, this easy and delicious recipe for Italian Sausage Pasta with Collard Greens is one that I first posted years ago.

The original recipe used a generous amount of spicy Italian Sausage and nutritious collard greens, in proportion to the amount of macaroni to make it lower in carbs. And when I decided to update this recipe, Kara and I replaced the regular pasta with the Fiber Gourmet Light Pasta (affiliate link) that we’re such fans of. If you’re watching carbs and miss pasta, I bet you’ll love this recipe that’s surprisingly low in net carbs!

When I first made Hopping John Soup I discovered how much I liked collard greens, and the only thing I might change when I make this Italian Sausage Pasta again is to use even more collard greens for even more nutritious greens.

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