Best Mountains near Portland Oregon

Top 10 Best Mountains To Explore Near Portland 

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Situated in Benton County, Marys Peak has many accolades to its name. Famously known among the native Kalapuyas as a place having great spiritual power, it is also the highest peak in the Oregon Coast Range, at over 4,000 feet.

How its name came about is another exciting story. Mary Lloyd was known to be the first white woman to have crossed the Mary River in 1845, consequently becoming the inspiration behind the appellation of this majestic peak. 

The stunning views and glorious sights of and beyond the valley make it an ideal spot for biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, bird watching, and picnics.

If you are looking to spend some more time with friends, then you can look to spend a promising night at the Marys Peak Campground at affordable rates. Pack some food, sleeping bags, and tents, and get ready to stargaze all night while waking up to fresh air, colorful skylines, and stunning views. 

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