Cool and Unusual Hotels in Cleveland

Top 12 Cool And Fun Hotels In Cleveland

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This now very hipster-friendly city with an industrial-chic vibe has a growing collection of unique hotels. To help you choose from cozy historic boutiques to hip and trendy high rises, here are my favorite picks…

1. Metropolitan at The 9

Metropolitan at The 9, Autograph Collection - Cleveland - OH1

Trendy hotel in Cleveland

Arriving at this hotel feels like stepping into an iconic moment. The towering structure, its unique facade, instantly familiar to any Cleveland enthusiast, commands attention.

As I entered the lobby, I was greeted by a mesmerizing blend of timeless 20th-century elegance fused with cutting-edge technology. The luxurious aura didn’t overshadow its warmth; it was an inviting, soothing space.

The rooms, presented in three distinct styles, cater to varying preferences. RSRV promises opulent living, suites offer generous comfort, and deluxe rooms ensure a premium experience, each boasting restored period elements. From complimentary Wi-Fi to satellite TV, every detail exuded sophistication and exceptional service. The furnishings and materials were exquisite, elevating the stay to sheer indulgence.

The array of dining options, from upscale cuisine to a convenient grab-and-go grocery store, catered to every palate. Alongside, the event spaces and a comprehensive gym fulfilled every need seamlessly.

2. Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade

Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade - OH

Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade - OH1

I found the Hyatt Regency to be an architectural gem. The grand arched windows and intricate details captivated me when I arrived. Stepping into the lobby, a fusion of classic charm and contemporary elegance greeted me—rich leather and wood exuded warmth while maintaining a modern vibe.

The rooms were a testament to modern design, featuring sleek lines and premium materials. Yet, those expansive windows whispered tales of the hotel’s storied past.

This blend of history and modernity created an inviting ambiance, bathed in natural light—a delightful environment to immerse oneself in. Dining options were aplenty: the 1890 Restaurant offered delightful breakfast and lunch choices overlooking the arcade, while the 1890 Lounge beckoned with a diverse dinner menu and a splendid selection of local craft beers and fine wines in a laid-back setting.

For those preferring privacy, in-room dining was an option, complemented by a lobby market for quick snacks. Exploring the Arcade, I discovered more culinary treasures—a pizza joint, a cozy coffee bar, and various craft offerings to savour.

3. Kimpton Schofield Hotel

Kimpton Schofield Hotel, an IHG Hotel - Cleveland - OH1

Kimpton Schofield Hotel, an IHG Hotel - Cleveland - OH

As I stepped into the Kimpton Schofield Hotel, the restored Victorian facade echoed Cleveland’s rich history. The lobby had a welcoming vibe with a unique charm, boasting an ornate front desk and cozy seating areas by an open fire.

Rooms here catered to various needs; some included kitchens, while all embraced modern style amid traditional architecture, offering serene luxury. The King and Presidential suites even had acoustic guitars, inviting me to unwind with a personal jam session. And if desired, similar guitars were available for rent in other accommodations.

Betts, the in-house restaurant, celebrated classic American cuisine focusing on quality, healthy ingredients—a true delight for dining enthusiasts like me. Moreover, the hotel provided ample amenities, including a fitness center, a yoga mat in each room, and fun additions like Micro Kickboard scooters for kids and bicycles for adults. Their full concierge service ensured I made the most of my visit.

This place was perfect for families, encapsulating the very essence of Cleveland in every detail.

My personal favorite? The mix of modern amenities within traditional architecture, a true family-friendly gem.

4. Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Tower 

Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Tower - OH Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Tower - OH1

Across the street from the Cleveland Convention Center, I stayed at the Marriott Downtown, an ideal spot for visiting this historically rich city.

Surrounded by captivating history, this contemporary hotel offered me luxurious comfort and a serene atmosphere to relish my time in Cleveland.

The rooms were invitingly bright, spacious, and adorned with premium materials. They were equipped with all the latest tech and boasted expansive windows that treated me to breathtaking cityscape views. Dining options ranged from Italian cuisine and sushi to classic American dishes. Additionally, the Public Square Pantry was perfect for quick, on-the-go snacks. I used the spa and fitness center facilities to keep in shape during my stay.

A highlight of my experience was indulging in a classic barbershop session at Armando’s, nestled right within the hotel’s contemporary setting. For me, the Marriott Downtown encapsulated luxury living in Cleveland.

My favorite aspect was the contemporary luxury and stunning city views adorned the spacious rooms.

5. Luckman Condos by Barsala

Luckman Condos by Barsala - Cleveland - OH Luckman Condos by Barsala - Cleveland - OH1

I love this spot in Cleveland—it’s right at the center, close to everything worth seeing. The beautifully decorated condos make me feel at home from the get-go.

Having a kitchen to cook and laundry facilities? That’s freedom right there! It allowed me to plan my days as I liked during my stay. The best part? Despite being in my own space, I had access to a top-notch fitness center, a fantastic swimming pool, a games room, and even a rooftop bar! It felt like enjoying a boutique hotel while having my cozy condo.

It’s a different experience, perfect if you enjoy doing things your way. Trust me, this beats a traditional hotel any day. One of my favorite places? The central location and the freedom of a cozy condo with hotel-like amenities.

6. Renaissance Hotel

Renaissance Cleveland Hotel - OH Renaissance Cleveland Hotel - OH1

Ah, Renaissance Cleveland captured my heart with its deep-rooted history. As I stepped into the lobby, adorned with deep red carpets and gold detailing, I felt transported to the roaring 1920s. The architectural grandeur echoed the city’s rich past.

With its classical ambiance of wooden walls and elegantly styled seating, San Souci offered a dining experience steeped in luxury. The blend of modern amenities and impeccable service added to the charm of this classical haven.

Each room blended high-quality fabrics and period-style furniture, seamlessly merging modern comfort with traditional elegance. It felt like stepping into a different era while still relishing in contemporary comfort—a unique character that truly made me feel at home.

Renaissance Cleveland embodies a traditional hotel experience in its finest form. This hotel is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in Cleveland’s historical essence.

Throughout my stay, the classical ambiance coupled with modern comforts made it an exceptional historical experience.

7. The Glidden House

The Glidden House - Cleveland - OH The Glidden House - Cleveland - OH1

At Glidden House, a gem in historic Cleveland, I stepped into a time capsule back to 1910, a cherished relic of the Glidden family. This place has evolved alongside the city, even becoming part of the CRWU campus before transforming into the charming boutique hotel that captivated me.

Every corner echoed history—the ornate woodwork, vintage furniture, and intricate artwork in each room. Walking through the lobby, I was mesmerized by the intricate details that held stories of its past. It’s truly magnificent.

The rooms blend modern techs like Wi-Fi and large TVs with the timeless allure of subdued colours and period furniture. Comfortable and inviting, each room exudes the uniqueness of this historic location. Staying here felt like a rare privilege, a chance to immerse myself in genuine history. Glidden House is indeed one of my favorite places.

My personal favorite? The genuine immersion into history, especially the antique furniture and intricate details.

8. The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland - OH The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland - OH1

It’s nestled perfectly near attractions like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, making it a prime spot. The 206 rooms are a modern luxury haven, boasting a sleek, urban décor in shades of greys and blues that immediately caught my eye.

Unlike other hotels in the city that focus on history, this place is a refreshing ode to the 21st century. The contemporary ambiance is stunning and contrasts beautifully with the cityscape visible through the windows.

Their in-house dining offered fantastic cuisines crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Being close to Cleveland’s diverse dining scene meant endless meal options. The hotel also boasts a top-notch fitness center, impeccable concierge service, and consistently world-class hospitality.

Throughout my stay, the sleek urban décor and the hotel’s contemporary ambiance felt like a refreshing change. It’s the perfect stay for those who appreciate history but prefer to embrace the present. 

9. The Westin Downtown

The Westin Cleveland Downtown - OH The Westin Cleveland Downtown - OH1

At The Westin in Cleveland, just blocks from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The lobby welcomed me with its grand seating and soft, inviting textures, complemented by stunning wooden walls that brought nature’s warmth indoors. What truly stood out was the vertical garden, a breathtaking sight where greenery climbed the walls, offering beauty and environmental advantages—a spot that lingers in memory.

Inside the rooms, sleek designs met comfort seamlessly. From spacious work areas to cozy relaxation corners, every detail exuded quality. Dining options within the hotel included The Westin Cleveland Kitchen, which serves up delightful American dishes crafted from fresh local ingredients, and the Urban Farmer, a haven for steak and seafood enthusiasts.

The fitness center, fully equipped with Peloton bikes, ensured I could maintain my workout routine. And nearby, an array of restaurants catered to every palate, completing the experience perfectly.

One of my favorite places? The breathtaking green vertical garden within the lobby—a spot that lingers in memory.

10. Hotel Indigo Downtown

Hotel Indigo Cleveland Downtown, an IHG Hotel - OH Hotel Indigo Cleveland Downtown, an IHG Hotel - OH1

Hotel Indigo in Cleveland’s Gateway District captivated me with its lively atmosphere. Nestled amid the city’s vibrant energy, it flawlessly weaves together history and modernity, offering an utterly unique stay.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by rooms exuding a blend of comfort and contemporary style. Adorned with captivating artwork inspired by the Mayflower and American Puritans, the ambiance was tranquil and inviting—a home away from home.

The hotel’s amenities enriched my stay. The fully-equipped fitness center catered to my workout routine, while the Headliner Bar and Eatery provided a delightful dining experience. From casual meals to enticing breakfast choices, it was a culinary haven.

What truly set Hotel Indigo apart was its prime location, nestled amidst the pulsating heart of entertainment, restaurants, and bars in the Gateway District. It’s not just a stay; it’s an immersion into Cleveland’s captivating nightlife.

My favorite aspect was the captivating artwork and the lively atmosphere that seamlessly blended history with modernity.

11. Aloft Downtown 

Aloft Cleveland Downtown - OH Aloft Cleveland Downtown - OH1

During my visit to Cleveland, I stayed at Aloft Cleveland Downtown, blocks away from the convention center and sports stadiums. I loved the tech-driven luxury in the rooms, complete with Apple streaming, ergonomic workstations, and Bliss Spa amenities in the bathrooms.

For fitness, the re:charge gym was perfect, and dining was a treat with two in-house options. Lago served delicious Italian classics in a relaxed setting with stunning views across Lake Erie. The WXYZ® Bar offered a vibrant atmosphere and a diverse menu.

While visiting, the tech-driven luxury and vibrant decor stood out, especially the Apple streaming in rooms.

12. Stone Gables Inn

Stone Gables Inn - Cleveland - OH Stone Gables Inn - Cleveland - OH1

Stone Gables Inn is a gem tucked within a historic mansion. I adore its cozy intimacy, just five rooms, each a world of its own. What struck me most was the bespoke decor, the historic beds, and the unique color schemes in every room.

What makes this place stand out is its unconventional approach. No reception desk; instead, personalized access codes for a seamless, independent experience fused with luxury.

The flexibility here is remarkable. With an array of dining options nearby, I relished the freedom to curate my Cleveland adventure on my schedule. This is Cleveland’s quintessential spot for anyone seeking historic charm and personalized stays.


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