The most beautiful places to visit in Latvia

Top 12 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Latvia

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Daugava is the biggest river in Latvia. It starts in Russia, crosses Belarus, and its last 365 kilometers are in Latvia. Latvians also call Daugava the river of destiny.

It is essential in Latvian traditions, literature, culture, and the economy. River’s beautiful meanders remind us about many changes iLatvia’s history andour lives. Yet Daugava is also an attractive travel destination.

The river looks very different in Riga city compared to its surroundings near the Latvian border with Belarus and the second biggest Latvian city, Daugavpils.

Nature park “Daugavas Loki” (Meanders of Daugava River) is a gorgeous place in the southeast region of Latvia. It attracts travelers looking for magnificent natural scenery.

Visiting the fantastic viewpoints on the river banks is a perfect way to enjoy nature and the Latvian countryside. Also, kayaking, canoeing, or driving along the Daugava’s riverbank is a memorable experience.

By Rolands Ratfelders from ESCAPERIES. Rolands is an adventure and nature traveler, authentic escape travel blogger, conservationist, ecotourism consultant, and improvisation coach.

He also crafts travel plans, and you can hire him as the local nature tour guide in Latvia at his own small ecotourism company, “i-D?” Adventures.

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