Most beautiful places to visit in Washington

Top 15 Beautiful Places To Visit In Washington

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Olympic National Park

Renowned for its diverse wilderness, Olympic National Park is located northwest of Washington state. A dedicated World Heritage Site, the park combines forests and coastal and mountain ecosystems. Nestled above 5,000 feet, Hurricane Ridge is the most visited site in the national park.

A premier hiking destination and a snowy winter playground, the Ridge offers some of the best hiking, skiing, and snowboarding experiences.

The crown jewel of the Olympic coast, Ruby Beach is famous for its reddish sands, driftwood, and sea stacks. With tranquil lakeshores and temperate rainforests untouched by humans, Olympic Park offers endless adventure, exploration, and recreation opportunities.


Forests and mountain ecosystems. Lakeshores temperate rainforests for exploration.

Must Do

Premier hiking and winter activities. Visit Ruby Beach for unique red sands.

What Is It?

Explore Olympic National Park, a Washington gem and UNESCO World Heritage Site with diverse landscapes—forests, coasts, and mountains. Discover endless outdoor adventures, from iconic Hurricane Ridge for hiking and winter sports to serene Ruby Beach.

Why Go?

Olympic National Park has Diverse wilderness, Hurricane Ridge hikes, Ruby Beach’s red sands, and serene rainforests.

Best Months to Visit:

July – August

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