Best Places to Volunteer in Portland

Top 17 Best Places To Volunteer In Portland

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Blanchet House of Hospitality is a nonprofit organization offering food, shelter, clothing, and aid to all those in need. They run four programs: Residential Program, Blanchet Farm, Meal Program, and Clothing Program. 

The Residential Program is designed to help people struggling with mental health, addiction, unemployment, and other challenges. Residents of the Blanchet House must perform modern work duties such as preparing and serving food for the public. 

The Meal Program serves those in need with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Clothing Program provides clean clothing to people in need on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You can join the noble efforts of the organization by volunteering in any of these programs. Volunteers must make care kits for people experiencing homelessness, make fresh meals for their needy neighbors, or donate clothing. 

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