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This extra-easy Tortilla Egg Bake is a perfect low-carb breakfast that’s something the whole family is going to love! And this post has four delicious options for this fun dish of eggs baked in a large tortilla!

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This new recipe for Tortilla Egg Bake is such a fun idea for an easy low-carb breakfast, and as soon as I tried the egg and cheese combination baked in a tortilla, I started thinking up other options for this tasty idea. Be sure to check out all the variations below! And if you try this and come up with other ingredient combinations, please come back and share them in a comment.

I used large low-carb burrito-sized tortillas where one tortilla makes four servings, and everything else is low in carbs, so this recipe for eggs baked in a tortilla has just over 2 net carbs in a serving. And even for people with heartier appetites who eat half the tortilla or more, this is still going to be an extra low-carb or Keto breakfast.

And this is so delicious and fun to eat that it’s a recipe I bet most kids who like eggs and tortillas will happily devour! And it’s so easy that older kids can make it themselves; when we tested the recipe Kara couldn’t wait to go home and teach her kids how to make it!

I eat my Tortilla Egg Bake most often on a plate with sour sour cream and salsa on top, and when I’m not having salsa I like it with Green Tabasco Sauce. But after it’s baked you can cut this into fourths and let kids eat it with their hands; and it will also work for adults to eat in the car on the way to work! This is a recipe I’m excited to share with you; I hope you’ll try it if you like these ingredients.

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