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Brazil national football team is one of the most successful football team in FIFA World Cup history. They are 5-time FIFA World Cup champions for tournaments of 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. So they were not champions during their host nation time in 2014. But in this year 2022, will they emerge champions?

Let’s look at a few predictions summarised by various entities, including famous football players, sports news reporters, soccer news specialists, modeling institutions and even a clairvoyant:

Alan Turing Institute

London’s Alan Turing Institute has predicted Brazil to win the World Cup 2022. The probability is 25%.

The Alan Turing Institute’s Nick Barlow and colleagues created a model that people can run on their computers at home, with 1000 tournament run-throughs taking 15 minutes on an average laptop.

When Barlow and his colleagues ran the tournament 100,000 times with their model, they discovered that Brazil won 25% of the time, with Belgium coming in second at 19% and Argentina coming in third at 13%.

The researchers adapted a common method used to predict matches in domestic leagues, which assigns teams a score for defense and attack, but they tweaked their model to eliminate the home advantage, which will be absent for all teams in Qatar except the home nation, as well as accounting for differences in the strength of teams that play each other in international friendlies.

They also tweaked it to give more weight to the results of specific matches, such as semifinals and finals, as well as more recent games, as well as running the model.

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CBS Sports Staff

The sports staff from CBS reviewed, and based on former US soccer player, Landon Donovan’s review in his podcast, there is a 3/8th chance that Brazil might be victorious in FIFA World Cup 2022. With this 37.5% chance of winning, Brazil is said to be rated below Argentina, which stands at 50-50 chance of winning, according to Donovan and his other team of experts. Another national football team thought to be voted as World Cup winner is England.

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Led by Peter Garnry, Head of Equity Strategy in Saxo Bank, Brazil stands almost a quarter chance, followed by Argentina at 22%. This is based on their modeling technique using the SaxoStrats Model. It is run using 10,000 simulations and the current Elo rating.

Saxo Strats 2022
Credit: Saxo and

The table above shows the table of predicted World Cup 2022 winners. Their simulations work this way:

All countries are ranked based on their Elo rating, which is a relative measure of the skill level of teams/players in a specific field such as chess, baseball, or soccer. In soccer, the difference in ratings has proven to be a fair predictor of match outcome, with a higher probability of the high Elo rating to win.

They combined the Elo ratings of the competing world cup teams with betting odds to create a mapping from the Elo ratings to the probability outcomes of each world cup match. They simulate the World Cup 10,000 times and use these probabilities to determine the outcome of every single match. As a result, there are 10,000 different equally likely outcomes for the World Cup. They achieve the probability of each team winning the World Cup by averaging over all scenarios. Read more about their prediction techniques here

Mirror Football

According to Mirror Football, the odds for Brazil to win the World Cup are 4-1. They triumph over Argentina according to their predictions. Their star man, Neymar, is projected as captain of Brazil football team to lead to glory. As PSG star player, Neymar has what it takes and has proven some drama in Russia 4 years earlier in 2018.

Greenstone Lobo

This clairvoyant, hailing from India, has some interesting predictions about Brazil’s chances in the World Cup 2022. Previously, he predicted correctly that France won in the 2018 World Cup.

He based his predictions on the birth charts of the captains and the managers of the national football teams, with the planetary movements. This is based on Indian Vedic Astrology.

As for Brazil, he analysed the birth charts of the captain, Thiago Silva. This Chelsea player was born in 1992. And he found that he didn’t have that horoscope in him to win the tournament. Greenstone Lobo also analysed another Brazilian key player, Andres Neymar. He was found to have a weak seventh house, like Argentina’s captain, Lionel Messi. Therefore, he felt chances for Brazil to be champion in the 2022 FIFA World Cup are slim, based on the planetary movements and birth horoscopes.

Current Development

This is written as of 4th December. Brazil is under the Group G stage of FIFA World Cup 2022. It has beaten Switzerland and Cameroon to stay on top of the group with 6 points, followed by Switzerland with only 3 points.

Brazil is now the winner of Group G and is facing the runner-up from Group H, which is the team from South Korea. It has avoided clashing with hot favourite Portugal, as it finishes as top in that group.

Our prediction is that come 7th December (US time), Brazil will most likely thrash South Korea to enter the Quarter-Finals. It will be a very exciting match and Brazil may be on the way to becoming the championship winner of World Cup 2022.

However, odds may turn if the players somehow do not play well due to injury. Or perhaps planetary movements may cause unexpected changes. We shall see what happens.


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